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Welcome to the ABSC employment and ministry opportunities bulletin board!

The purpose of this site is to provide a place where employment and volunteer ministry opportunities can be posted by Arkansas Southern Baptist Churches and Associations.
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Disagree Agree is provided as a courtesy to facilitate communication between Southern Baptist entities in cooperation with the Arkansas Baptist State Convention (ABSC) and individuals seeking a place of service, whether volunteer or paid. Accuracy of all postings relies solely upon regular, voluntary input from the churches and cooperating ministries interested in filling paid or volunteer positions. The ABSC assumes no responsibility for any posting on this site, nor should reference to any minister be considered proof of ordination or licensure, or an endorsement, recommendation, or indication of certification or qualification. All such matters are within the sole discretion of the autonomous local church body or cooperating ministry the minister is a member of, has served, or is serving.

In addition to this ministry opportunities bulletin board, the Arkansas Baptist State Convention is pleased to provide another avenue to connect churches searching to fill a ministry position with a minister seeking to fill a position: the Resume Referral System.  If your church needs resumes for a vacant ministry position, or if you are a minister seeking a place of service at a local church, click here